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Best doctor I have ever had. Thorough, knowledgeable, will explain everything and listens to everything. My life has been changed in a very good way by Dr. Daugherty. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Daugherty is a dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor who always goes above and beyond. We feel blessed to have this extraordinary doctor take care of our family. We appreciate everything he has done

Notable Reviews from our Google Business Page:

I do not think I could ever thank Dr. Daugherty enough for how much he has helped me. We are still on a learning curve of what will be the most beneficial for my symptoms of RA and AS but he has been the most patient Doctor I have come across. He listens to me when I talk and assures me that he will do whatever it takes to help me find relief. I have met so many other patients of his who say the same. Today while in his office, I thanked him again for listening and helping me through this journey. Tears flooded my eyes looking at him, knowing he was going to do anything and everything to help me out.

“Dr. Todd Daugherty is a rare physician! I’ve been grateful to call him my rheumatology specialist for 14 years. He is deeply committed to patient care. He treats each patient as an individual and truly listens intently to you. He is inquisitive in the best sense of the word. He asks insightful and insight-seeking questions. He is never satisfied with “good enough” condition management. Though there are not yet true full “cures” for either of my diagnosed chronic conditions (RA & PsA) - at each appointment, he is always seeking to help me achieve an even better and higher quality of life. Also, he has gone above and beyond with guidance and support while as a family we navigate one of children’s care for similar issues. I first met Dr. D when I was a 30-year-old first-time mother with an 8th month old. I’d been struggling terribly since early in my pregnancy with strange joint-pain & weakness symptoms, extreme fatigue (felt like giving blood 4 times in 1 day after not sleeping or eating for a few days and then being asked to walk through molasses that was up to your neck), and other unexplainable (by my OB/GYN practice) pain & issues. I was beyond discouraged because I barely had strength or stamina enough to hold or safely lift my baby. I had been a relatively athletic young person. During this period I became despondent and hopeless as I could barely function. It was heartbreaking because I had always dreamed of motherhood and had so looked forward to it. There were many days I couldn’t get up the stairs in my own home and dealt with intense pain and intermittent immobility as well as numbness and persistent tingling. (The scene in the movie about Stephen Hawking where he is crawling up and down the stairs on his rear-end in his home was what I was frequently reduced to myself during this time.) It was an eight year road to find the correct medication and successful interventions but Dr. D. NEVER GAVE UP! He is personable and attentive, extremely knowledgeable yet so humble. He is constantly learning and shares details of all the relevant medical studies he keeps up with in Europe, etc. It’s been well over 6 years since I began monthly Remicade infusions. BUT I have more capability now in my life than I used to think was going to ever even be possible. I now get to be the mom that I need to be for my 3 neuro-divergent & special needs kids! I get to enjoy working at my calling as a church choral conductor and classically trained voice teacher. I am enjoying life in ways in which I only had only vague memories from in early childhood. Looking back now, armed with info, I now know that I’ve been dealing with varying degrees of symptoms since childhood, and aggressively since my early 20s. Because of Dr. D.’s deep commitment to his patients and his dedication to his calling, I’m literally walking proof that RA, etc. doesn’t have to be the end of your story. It’s still part of my journey - but daily we get closer to making sure it’s an afterthought rather than the first, last, and only decision-making factor! I’m so thankful to the entire staff of NERO: the wonderful nurses, caring admin., and practitioners who will listen & do truly care. Do your future-self (and your loved ones) a favor and don’t ignore what you are experiencing. Women, I’m especially talking to you! You are not imagining these symptoms and help is available. The wonderful team at NERO can help!”

"Dr. Daugherty is a fantastic Rheumatologist, one I highly recommend! In my 7 years of being a patient of the practice I found him to be compassionate, thorough, and attentive to the type of care I needed for my autoimmune condition. What separates him from other doctors is his passion for helping his patients understand the root concept (and complexity) of autoimmunity and how he helps you understand the benefit/risk ratio of different treatment options to help you feel empowered. He is also generous with his time and never rushes appointments and asks great questions so the conversation feels collaborative. Being diagnosed with a form of RA in my mid 20s and dealing with severe chronic pain that limited my quality of life not long after my father had passed (from a different autoimmune condition) was devastating. Dr. Daugherty's optimistic leadership and constant willingness to try various treatment options- and challenge my mindset of what was a successful treatment outcome- allowed me to make rational decisions about what was best for my health. It gave me hope that we would find a sustainable and safe treatment plan that would allow me to live to the fullest again. After trying several different medications over a period of time, we landed on one that worked well- I am more active and healthier than I have been in years. If you want a caring doctor (with kind and responsive staff!) who will help you navigate the peaks and valleys that come with a chronic condition, you'll be highly satisfied with his care. I strongly recommend!” -Evan

My wife and I can honestly say that if we had not met Dr. Daugherty 10 years ago my wife would not be here. Through all of her conditions Dr. Daugherty has kept track of all of them. My wife even had an episode where should could not taste anything. We went to ears/nose/throat specialists and all we got for an answer was everything looks "pristine". Those doctors new my wifes background/meds etc. The next time we saw Dr. Daugherty we told him and he said hang on a sec. He left the room got a bottle of water and a piece of fudge. Told my wife to take a sip of water and really slosh it around in her mouth then swallow. He then gave her the piece of fudge and my wife could not believe it, she could taste the fudge. The reason for the issue was all the medication was causing side affects. Why couldn't the specialists figure this out? In addition to the above my wife is now also being treated by her primary care doctor, a liver specialist, a pulmonologist and a gastrologist. Dr. Daugherty is in touch with all of them and gets reports from all of them to make sure he understands anything that may be causing problems for her. My wife definitely feels like a patient and not a number. He actually feels like a member of our family now. My wife also loves all of his staff. Thank you for all you do, -Brenda

Dr Dougherty is one of the best diagnosticians around...because he takes the time to listen. He is also exceptionally kind, very, very smart and totally committed to his patients health, well being and welfare. I have a complex autoimmune condition with other aggressive conditions and have been dismissed by many dr's because my case was too tough. I have been with dr. Dougherty for 7 years and he has worked with and through everything my body has thrown at him. He doesnt give up on patients. He has had a material positive impact on my life and has been instrumental in my continuing to live the life i want. I cant say enough good things!

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