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Notable Reviews from our Google Business Page:                  

Dr. Daugherty is a dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor who always goes above and beyond. We feel blessed to have this extraordinary doctor take care of our family. We appreciate everything he has done.

I do not think I could ever thank Dr. Daugherty enough for how much he has helped me. We are still on a learning curve of what will be the most beneficial for my symptoms of RA and AS but he has been the most patient Doctor I have come across. He listens to me when I talk and assures me that he will do whatever it takes to help me find relief. I have met so many other patients of his who say the same. Today while in his office, I thanked him again for listening and helping me through this journey. Tears flooded my eyes looking at him, knowing he was going to do anything and everything to help me out. 

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